the day before , today and now

friday was teacher's day rite... so i , as the head P.A boy did wad the other generation would have done... walked ms abraham across the hall as her escourt to her seat... hahahs it was a last minute arrangment that was purposely brought up by me... hahahs.. of course i had fu jiun to help me contact the exco-members for the changes... hahahs ..

the hidden history was that any head P.A boy for that year was to escourt ms abraham across the hall for every teacher's day. last year i failed to do it but last friday i was able to keep my head up high and felt proud for that moment...


i found her beside that hall standing as she was looking for any wrong attitude made by the students(as a DM) hahas..

walked beside her and said: ms abraham... would you ?
her replied was:..... ( shocked that i asked her)(seen from the facial expression)
she thought nobody would bring her to her seat but she was smiling after that.
i said: don't worry, i will walked with you .
her simple reply that was able to raise my head from the previous mistake was: thank you ( with a tap on my shoulder)....
as i walked acros the hall , many people was shocked to see me escourting her instead of any big-shot students like the exco-members or the head prefects..... i started to hear strange noises from the crowd that sounded like my names were being called... hahhas kinda of fun for that moment..
walked her to her seat and imediately went back to worked....

the concert totally went according as planned... sweet...

later after the performance... had a small celebration for the teachers teaching the wholde sec 5 classes..... hahahs called all the teachers .. then mr ari and ms tan ( principal and vice-principal)
it was actually a last minute idea hahas.. gave the opening speech and started the video... hahahs suddenly in the midde of the video... i saw quite a number of ex-students standing outside, and was actually also looking at the video... many laughters by the teachers and the students... though the video corked up the last part... lol(i am truly sorry)... the teachers did enjoyed it a lot... hahahas.... had the teacher's day cake... mmmmmm very delicious.. hahas lucky got adele order the cake!!! hahahs very nice thanks !!!! i took 2 servings but my mind was still carving for more ... hahas....many praises from both the p and vp guys!!!!! hahahs they said that both our classe are very united!!!! and very coorperative!!!!! hahahs... able to make the celebration for the teachers together very thoughtful!!! hahahhas still got much much more...hahahs that was the only fun that day

yesterday "saturday"

the tournament day.... saw many people fight.... joel had gold !!!! and justin got bronze!!!! hahahas that makes a total of 3 gold and 1 bronze for the club.... soon the morning will be my bros and benjamin fight... hahahs even now i'm quite worried for ivan and benjamin as they will be facing each other in the first round.... i know wads the outcome of the match but i'm worried about the outcome of their friendship.... i just wish that it was me instead of ivan in the ring tommrrow....

of course now i would like to sleep... hahahs total only got 5 hours to sleep !!! hahahas

signing off kingston!!!!

D&T for life!!!!

woot the papers today was POA paper 1(mcq) and DNT theory.
hahahs,firstly the poa mulitple choice question was tiring yet fun... it lasted for 1 hours but but i did within 35 mins and did not even bothered to check.....
the funniest scene was.
  1. kingston did the question for 20 mins..... after that he turned to the right.... max was already down.
  2. kingston grew tired and wants to sleep , but he persevered till the last question.
  3. total time taked was 35 mins. after finishing the last question, he straight away when into a peaceful sleeping state under the cool wind that was blown into the hall.
  4. times up!!! kingston woke up and saw almost half the sec 5 students sleeping.... looked up and saw hafiz still on his table ..
  5. i tab him and woke him up......
  6. after collection of paper. most of us were excited because we had a wonderful

had bio paper and chem paper and poa paper........... hahahahs now at bryan house doing dnt .. have to pass up to mdm yong tommrow afternoon at 1.45!!!!

woke up in the morning at around 11.30 in the morning... i had barely 6 hours of rest....
i kinda another weird dream and it was about her again... why? why must it be in the middle of the prelims?! what is wrong with me?! i just want to get rid of the image of her just for this 3 months.... but it dosen't seems to be working at all .... i just try and try to forget her but end up i felt more and more empty .... even my head take it anymore .. i just want to cry and scream out loud with all my anger....i can no longer bare or tolerate anymore...

yesterday , today , and hopefully tommrrow

time is 2.40 am and date is 24/aug/2008
yesterday :<
fun while it lasted... hahas i spent almost 8 hours non-stop just to do 3 different subject !!!! D&T/chemistry and lastly bio... of coursed had the group tuition thingy and everybody were fuking hyper!!!! hahahs even at dinner ... we were discrimination people behind their backs and well, 4/5 of us were enjoying it... hahahas!!!! later on i went for my TKD training... hahas .. reached there late and i was kind tired mentally.. even now ... while they were having their breaktime , i went to climb the stairs for 3 sets as a warm up ... (of course up to the highest level and going back down is considered a set) hahahs... i kinda freaked out that i actually finish the 3 sets during that 5 mins!!! hahahas ... power... and kinda shocking... after the quick 1st set, the 2nd and 3rd set were kinda fast eventhough i felt that i was slowing down!!! must be the adrenaline that rushed to my head that slowed my mind!!! hahahs....
of course i did my stretchings and joined in the class... had a fun time kicking the targets... hahas
the fun thing that all the blackbelts(including me) had different shouts !!! u could hear 1 shouting but halfway the voice cracked.... and another shouting.. no rawring like a lion!!! hahahas...after the kicking, then the time ran out on us as it straight was 10pm!!!! hahahs
immediately , the classed was dissmissed and the black belts had a sparring session!!!!! i was kinda hyped for that session man!!!! hahhas...
well after that ... went back home and slack all the way till now... and i'm still not tired!!!! hahahs ..
i'm going to do my dnt after this... hahas.. hopefully i can have afternoon nap today and actually study for my chemistry for tommrrow!!!!!! hahahhas

my second star flew passed me again..

today got 3 papers.. ss/english p1 & 2
stupid school arangement... make the ss paper in the morning (7.45 till 9.15) than had the english papers in the afternoon till evening.. its like so WTH!!!!
overall for both papers i did well ... (i think) but i'm sure that my ss paper is able to pass at least!!! and same goes for my english paper 1..
the feeling of satisfaction after my 1st compo was incredible!!!
the items was
  1. DO friends or family play a more influential role in you life?
  2. write about what happened when you accidentally discovered an important family secret.
  3. discuss some of the modern-day distractions affecting the teens of today
  4. young singaporeans who have worked or studied abroad for a length of time are better than those who have not. do you agree?
  5. sacrifice

after looking at all the topics... i chose the sacrifice... i straight away started to imagine the whole story in that few minutes after i saw the paper!!!! hahahs !!! power rite!!!! in the end i wrote about a person who lost everything , job ,and nearly life, but was then save by a lady who later on became his wife..the last sentence i wrote...

'compared from before , now i feel that seeing the joy of my family is worth the sacrifice rather than sacrificing myself for my own freedom'

power rite..... hahahahas... i even used ' sacrificing your own life for your own freedom is selfish' (i think)

overall the paper i think i did ok ... its a sure pass compo!!! i can feel it!!!

haix sian tommrrow still have to go school in the morning ....sian.......

lucky star shines on me finally

How i wish that it was like last year.. just you and me .. nobody was there to disturb us... how i wish....(oh my gosh !!! so emo...) hahahas.
made up this new blog!!!!!! just realised that i always spend too much time in running through my thoughts over and over again!!!!! so i decided to start to make a blog !!!!!! damn i'm a freak... hahas...
today just started my prelims and had the history paper first than maths P1...
my teacher con my friends by saying that the sourcebase was hard!!!! i took his advice seriously and really studied for CHINA!!!!! damn that topic was a nice and easy one in the end.....
but the results was sourcebase=war in europe WW2 and luckily essays was russia/china/germany(nazi)!!!! luckily there was china !!! i actually completed a 12 marks essay!!!! but the second question i did it halfway... shoot... dang... but luckily for the sourcebase, i was able to complete at least 3 quater of the section!!! woot!!!! sure pass for history~!~!~!
haix maths... i'll make it short and sweet... i was doing so well till the last4 !!!!!pages........shoot.... the difficulty of the paper was the same statistics compared to the stock market.... full of ups and downs.....hate it....i used to like it but i just do not know why i cannot get the hang of it again.... why!!!!!!!!!