after today's training, i seriously wished i got a iron thumb.. after going for training consistently, i got a minor blister on my thumb, FML. I just dun get it, how did i ever get a blister on my fucking thumb?!?!

soon the class chalet and i will be damn high and drunk at it !! lol


bored bored bored bored bored.. holidays and i'm still bored.. i really wanted to enjoy the holidays but i'm still bored even after doing nonsense...

just maybe i'll be picking up gyming again.... high chance eh...
oh well, my life is quite a hazard now. exams over and now waiting for my results.

for my family side, its forever a hazard.:D

i dream of you again.. what should i do? i just wonder whether is it a good sign or a bad sign?


today is CNY eve.. tommrrow is valentine day and the start of CNY..

How fuck up is that? well it seems that my exam is finally over.. i wonder whether i will be able to pass all my modules..

So for my holiday plan.. line-up would be
1. bowling training every tuesday , thursday and saturday.
2. gonna have 3 chalet bbq!!! but all at the same place ( downtown east) ~.~
3. i not too sure .. lol but sure will have somehting to do :)

yesterday today and tommrrow

yesterday was the last day of school and i had the weirdest dream and tommrrow is my study day... WTH ...

enjoyed the last day of W14H. Its like last semester all over again, the joy happened and gone all over again.

Today i had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that i walked into a bakery and took one of each type of food on my tray and ate finish all after that. Funny dream for an afternoon nap eh..

2 mre days till UT3 .. god please help me i still suck as some of the topics in chemistry..

I will update my music library soon!!!

i see colours of a negative rainbow??? WTH

i had been having some problem in my sleep.
i was fighting in my dreams for weeks. i could even wake up in the middle of the night with the position to kick (still lying on the bed) imagine that.
I wonder is that my adrenaline kicking in? or is that stress kicking in?

i need help...

i nearly died yesterday. volmiting and shit all morning.. damn gastric flu.. i really wish i'll be alright by tommrrow. pray pray pray hard for myself now..