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So from my previous post, i was speaking about the repeating dreams that i had for a few weeks. Up till now , it has not stop at all!! Freak!! this time it is getting more and more worst!! In what way worst, i can't tell but its definitely not about me getting gay or going below my normal standards.

Anyway school is going to start soon. :D :D W56E. studying begins again for me :D:D


I'm finally back.. And all i wanted to report is this dream, I want to know whether is it a sign of fate or just coincidence. Once again it was about me and her and its the same scene all over again. (don't worry, its not sex or anything about it :)

Right now all I want to know is "Could she be having the same dream as me?"
It happened to me 2 times already and i am kind of reluctant of there is a 3rd time.