i need the music god back ~~~

oh no .... i'm becoming high on gaming .... shit shit shit .....
its that my temporary life now too ??
when i go for training now .. all i can hear in my mind is "HIT!!!! HIT !!!!"
but up till now i see no improvement
bloody configuration caused me to lose all my songs... have to start from scratch now XD XD
my com maybe older and the newer version and has lesser space...
but i'm proud to say ... it still rocks!!!!!
its moderm is still going strong and beating those new com.... hahas its just too good ....
(i'm sure those who read my blog knows wad i'm talking abt XD XD )
i jus dun want to state the brand of the new lap-tops XD XD

NEC ah dear NEC ..... i still love you my stupid lap-top..... please to be a problem to me when i start school .... i promise i will get you more space .... XD XD
(oh my gosh !!! i'm starting to talk to my own com now)

argh!!!!! all gone ~~~!~!~! my wife~~~~~~

damn!!!! ops ops ... must try to stop swearing alr .... hahas

went to do my computer configuration last thursday...

the good thing is that they upgraded my com software to window vista enterprise!!!!!

however the bad news is all my things where deleted!!!!! 3gb of songs gone~3 online game gone~

my photos that i brought so much memories to my life gone~~~~ why~!~!~!~!~! hahas sian!!!!!! argh!!!~!~!~! i think this time round i will emo for my computer... and i found this picture of a liger~~~ cute rite!!!!

dear penis!!!! hahas

pro la ...just gotten the last 2 books

1 to forget you and 2 journey...

phew ~~~ another 2 more books to read to kill time for another month... not forgetting twilight that chua lend me last week ....

now , i have a sudden interest in puppies.. adorable aren't they hahas cute lke hell when they are asleep~~~~ cute rite!!!! ^ ^

si bei sian ar!!!!!

3 basic things that i do almost every week that makes me a lifeless being..

1, eat

2, sleep

3, play

its just another month more till school starts for me and i dun really know weather i can hold it in myself much longer..

my luck is getting from bad to worst...

sounds depressed? nah

i'm just stating the facts of my freaking life for until now.

If i had a time machine right now.. i would have teleported myself exactly 1 year ago and tell my past self not to let her go and study hard. haix... too late and too bad

if i had not joined tkd.. would i have been a rugger or a nerd? lol most likely a nerd... XD XD

if i had a younger sibling ( i wish ) i would tell him/her not to follow my footsteps and get themselves into the same freaking situation as i am right now..

if i had studied really hard... i would have been taking my A levels this year ( weird but i had wished for that once XD )

i maybe the first in my family to get to study in a poly but its still not what i feel comfortable with..

i knew that he is jealous of what i had achieved but i am only doing what i am good at and so should you or anyone else...

i know that we maybe treating each other like brothers but it does not give you a reason to lie to me.

though i maybe violent and a threat but i still respect you . i will not show jealousy or signs of hatred .