14 down and 2 more to go

WTF !!!! I hate goodbyes to my family!!!.. no matter who you guys are.. you all are still family!!!!

kill the bad and gain the good and achieve the best.

had quite a f-up day intially but my mood began to change slowly as i do the worksheet. I feel that the more i do , the more i really understand physics !!!!(but in the end i dun think i did well)

Well the presentation went well and better in the end :p, how i wished that my last 12 weeks of physics could be this nice.

Anyway bowling training was better!!! the new ball i gotten was working perfectly. the games were smooth for me. (Good job finally!!)

And now i am at home, the best part would be that i finally gotten an "A" grade for MCB!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!! 2nd best > cognitive = 2 A in a row!!!!!!!! DOUBLE HELL YEAH!!!!!

Anyway its this late and i'm still high.. i wonder will i be able to sleep??? WTH

Monday= i love PT!!!

yes today is monday!!! And i love PT!!! i dunno why but i just love to run. Impressively I improved!! hahas.. i ran before the PT, 1.5 km I improved from 8.30 to 7.30 mins.... i feel great even though i did not ran well for PT :p..

Did the basic stuffs after PT , Shower > Dinner > Home > RJ.

Right now i am wondering. Just how much effort do i need to produce now? How much longer must i wait? Its just my life, and I have to live with it right?

I must be stronger!! i must be better!!!! but not the King of all..

its offcial!!!

my parents love my life but i hate it.

I dun know what is the correct thing to do anymore, to please my parents or the please myself?

If i were to choose 1 over another, i would always ended up unbalance in my life.
I dun have enough freedom for my own private life, everytime i tried to step over the line, my mum would just swoop down from some hidden angle like an eagle and take that "freedom" away from me(how freaky is that).

saturday and after effect

morning tuition then lunch then went to the storehub to help my dad pack the store.

in the late afternoon fell asleep. so tired for me now.. didn't wake up in time for the dinner with my family.( didn't know what gotten into me. so tired that i couldn't even remember that my bro woke me up).

woke up and then my family came home. My mum same evil aura of darth vader, just stared at me and walked away. (so much for being a role model for the young ones, she never practice what she preeches).

once m 2nd bro and his gf left, its like trigger for the atomic bomb. imagine the sound effect when they left the house and my mum just exploded non-stop!! my dad and me were the victims at home and even the innocents(my 2 other brothers) were not spared even though they were not at the scene. i admit that i am at fault but just give my dad a break la you idiot(mum)

went to meet branson for dinner. simple talk, eat and enjoy the night and thats joy for the day.

double kill

i jogged in the morning and bowled in the night. bloody hell my muscles were still damn sore from monday PT..
just maybe this time i might need a longer time to recover my body fully so that i'll be fit and ready for next monday PT again!!! hahas...

I know people may find me fittness crazy with all the jogging and stuffs... but i'm not !! .. i just want to get my NAFA gold and get myself ready for anything..
I'm still weak even though i'm showing that i am strong but its just an act..
i'm serious trying my best to push my body to the limit or even breaking it.

I just want to kill time..

I blogged close to the end of my semester 2 of school(wth).
life to me is like back to square 1, its like a reboot in my brain.
Just maybe now i can concentrate better with my Future on the line..
I wonder if there is anything or anyone who can help me with my unknown situation.

recent updates about me
-Signed bond with army.(approved!!)
-Single (unplanned for)
-jogging recently( aiming for NAFA gold)
-got a phone/mp3(iphone)
-getting very very poor grades with my studies (help!!!!)
-i might be dying soon (joking)
-not getting any younger!!!