kill the bad and gain the good and achieve the best.

had quite a f-up day intially but my mood began to change slowly as i do the worksheet. I feel that the more i do , the more i really understand physics !!!!(but in the end i dun think i did well)

Well the presentation went well and better in the end :p, how i wished that my last 12 weeks of physics could be this nice.

Anyway bowling training was better!!! the new ball i gotten was working perfectly. the games were smooth for me. (Good job finally!!)

And now i am at home, the best part would be that i finally gotten an "A" grade for MCB!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!! 2nd best > cognitive = 2 A in a row!!!!!!!! DOUBLE HELL YEAH!!!!!

Anyway its this late and i'm still high.. i wonder will i be able to sleep??? WTH