my second star flew passed me again..

today got 3 papers.. ss/english p1 & 2
stupid school arangement... make the ss paper in the morning (7.45 till 9.15) than had the english papers in the afternoon till evening.. its like so WTH!!!!
overall for both papers i did well ... (i think) but i'm sure that my ss paper is able to pass at least!!! and same goes for my english paper 1..
the feeling of satisfaction after my 1st compo was incredible!!!
the items was
  1. DO friends or family play a more influential role in you life?
  2. write about what happened when you accidentally discovered an important family secret.
  3. discuss some of the modern-day distractions affecting the teens of today
  4. young singaporeans who have worked or studied abroad for a length of time are better than those who have not. do you agree?
  5. sacrifice

after looking at all the topics... i chose the sacrifice... i straight away started to imagine the whole story in that few minutes after i saw the paper!!!! hahahs !!! power rite!!!! in the end i wrote about a person who lost everything , job ,and nearly life, but was then save by a lady who later on became his wife..the last sentence i wrote...

'compared from before , now i feel that seeing the joy of my family is worth the sacrifice rather than sacrificing myself for my own freedom'

power rite..... hahahahas... i even used ' sacrificing your own life for your own freedom is selfish' (i think)

overall the paper i think i did ok ... its a sure pass compo!!! i can feel it!!!

haix sian tommrrow still have to go school in the morning ....sian.......