yesterday , today , and hopefully tommrrow

time is 2.40 am and date is 24/aug/2008
yesterday :<
fun while it lasted... hahas i spent almost 8 hours non-stop just to do 3 different subject !!!! D&T/chemistry and lastly bio... of coursed had the group tuition thingy and everybody were fuking hyper!!!! hahahs even at dinner ... we were discrimination people behind their backs and well, 4/5 of us were enjoying it... hahahas!!!! later on i went for my TKD training... hahas .. reached there late and i was kind tired mentally.. even now ... while they were having their breaktime , i went to climb the stairs for 3 sets as a warm up ... (of course up to the highest level and going back down is considered a set) hahahs... i kinda freaked out that i actually finish the 3 sets during that 5 mins!!! hahahas ... power... and kinda shocking... after the quick 1st set, the 2nd and 3rd set were kinda fast eventhough i felt that i was slowing down!!! must be the adrenaline that rushed to my head that slowed my mind!!! hahahs....
of course i did my stretchings and joined in the class... had a fun time kicking the targets... hahas
the fun thing that all the blackbelts(including me) had different shouts !!! u could hear 1 shouting but halfway the voice cracked.... and another shouting.. no rawring like a lion!!! hahahas...after the kicking, then the time ran out on us as it straight was 10pm!!!! hahahs
immediately , the classed was dissmissed and the black belts had a sparring session!!!!! i was kinda hyped for that session man!!!! hahhas...
well after that ... went back home and slack all the way till now... and i'm still not tired!!!! hahahs ..
i'm going to do my dnt after this... hahas.. hopefully i can have afternoon nap today and actually study for my chemistry for tommrrow!!!!!! hahahhas