D&T for life!!!!

woot the papers today was POA paper 1(mcq) and DNT theory.
hahahs,firstly the poa mulitple choice question was tiring yet fun... it lasted for 1 hours but but i did within 35 mins and did not even bothered to check.....
the funniest scene was.
  1. kingston did the question for 20 mins..... after that he turned to the right.... max was already down.
  2. kingston grew tired and wants to sleep , but he persevered till the last question.
  3. total time taked was 35 mins. after finishing the last question, he straight away when into a peaceful sleeping state under the cool wind that was blown into the hall.
  4. times up!!! kingston woke up and saw almost half the sec 5 students sleeping.... looked up and saw hafiz still on his table ..
  5. i tab him and woke him up......
  6. after collection of paper. most of us were excited because we had a wonderful sleep.lol

had bio paper and chem paper and poa paper........... hahahahs now at bryan house doing dnt .. have to pass up to mdm yong tommrow afternoon at 1.45!!!!