the day before , today and now

friday was teacher's day rite... so i , as the head P.A boy did wad the other generation would have done... walked ms abraham across the hall as her escourt to her seat... hahahs it was a last minute arrangment that was purposely brought up by me... hahahs.. of course i had fu jiun to help me contact the exco-members for the changes... hahahs ..

the hidden history was that any head P.A boy for that year was to escourt ms abraham across the hall for every teacher's day. last year i failed to do it but last friday i was able to keep my head up high and felt proud for that moment...


i found her beside that hall standing as she was looking for any wrong attitude made by the students(as a DM) hahas..

walked beside her and said: ms abraham... would you ?
her replied was:..... ( shocked that i asked her)(seen from the facial expression)
she thought nobody would bring her to her seat but she was smiling after that.
i said: don't worry, i will walked with you .
her simple reply that was able to raise my head from the previous mistake was: thank you ( with a tap on my shoulder)....
as i walked acros the hall , many people was shocked to see me escourting her instead of any big-shot students like the exco-members or the head prefects..... i started to hear strange noises from the crowd that sounded like my names were being called... hahhas kinda of fun for that moment..
walked her to her seat and imediately went back to worked....

the concert totally went according as planned... sweet...

later after the performance... had a small celebration for the teachers teaching the wholde sec 5 classes..... hahahs called all the teachers .. then mr ari and ms tan ( principal and vice-principal)
it was actually a last minute idea hahas.. gave the opening speech and started the video... hahahs suddenly in the midde of the video... i saw quite a number of ex-students standing outside, and was actually also looking at the video... many laughters by the teachers and the students... though the video corked up the last part... lol(i am truly sorry)... the teachers did enjoyed it a lot... hahahas.... had the teacher's day cake... mmmmmm very delicious.. hahas lucky got adele order the cake!!! hahahs very nice thanks !!!! i took 2 servings but my mind was still carving for more ... hahas....many praises from both the p and vp guys!!!!! hahahs they said that both our classe are very united!!!! and very coorperative!!!!! hahahs... able to make the celebration for the teachers together very thoughtful!!! hahahhas still got much much more...hahahs that was the only fun that day

yesterday "saturday"

the tournament day.... saw many people fight.... joel had gold !!!! and justin got bronze!!!! hahahas that makes a total of 3 gold and 1 bronze for the club.... soon the morning will be my bros and benjamin fight... hahahs even now i'm quite worried for ivan and benjamin as they will be facing each other in the first round.... i know wads the outcome of the match but i'm worried about the outcome of their friendship.... i just wish that it was me instead of ivan in the ring tommrrow....

of course now i would like to sleep... hahahs total only got 5 hours to sleep !!! hahahas

signing off kingston!!!!