another 2 days without the meaning of life

well yesterday i went to the gym... i promised myself to pump up my body for the very last time before the o'levels.... i decided to chiong this whole week!!!! yesterday i went to the gym and had a 10 mins non-stop jog on the machine... hahahs i was non-stop but some guy just came beside me and too had a jogged... but the funny thing was that he came up later and got down the machine earlier than me !!! he was trying to show off his arm muscles as he worn a singlet!!! damn dumb rite?hahahas!!!
after the 10mins jogged... i had gone straight to the pull-up assist machine and done 50 normal pull-ups and 50 push-ups !!! woot!!! than i gone to the sit-up bench and done my 30 sit-ups with a 5 kg load!!! hahahs may not sound a bit crazy to some of you but it was quite fun.....
than i had a quick shower and headed to my favourite chicken chop store!!!! hahahas(somewhere near big book store) tokyo western!!!! hahahs thats the stores' name... yummy ...
well then today i had my sci mock pratical and it was fuking funny!!!! hahahs
jin seng was beside me during the whole practical and we weere actually discussing the answer even though it was a mock paper!!! hahahs