back , brain-dead and bored. (try the questions)

hello~~~ hahas .. as requested !!! i came back to update!!!.. this round free but the next request must pay hor guys!!.

after the o's the holidays were great.. malacca with my family. sentosa with the guys(twice!!!!). golfing with my famliy .
training at the gym with the guys and my tkd training non-stop!!! for job wise... MAX la!!! sent the resume and no reply yet...

but luck just came pass me... just signed up on the internet er.. some personal trainer job .. hopefully HOPEFULLY!!!! i get the job.. well no harm trying ... lol

but now is just sitting back and continue finding jobs on the net ... just hope i can send flyers around ... that would do... and preparing for the chalet next week!!!! Woot!!!

-interesting discoveries during my holidays...
1. go to the gym at tampines swimming complex and you will find a common interest among all the people that are excerising .... oh ya remember at 5 plus then it will happen... try guessing it

2. max has a favourite colour !!!! er... no its colours!!! try guessing this also!!!

3. try to find the answer why some people could not keep their whole arms close to their body in a straight position during the national anthem or during a foot drill practice... (hint : go to the gym and find out)

find out the answers and post it on my chatbox!!! i'll tell you all the correct answer on the next post with new questions..:>